Myth 1: Counseling is only for crazy people or people with severe problems.

Truth: Many people who attend counseling are intelligent, skilled, and stable, but struggling with something difficult, such as relationship problems or stress.  Counseling is about seeking help from an unbiased person trained to handle difficult situations. Others may be seeking personal growth and development in order to lead a more fulfilled life.

Myth 2: Counseling is for the weak.

Truth: Courage can be defined as the ability to speak one’s mind, by telling all of one’s heart. Counseling requires courage and vulnerability.  It is through vulnerability that we heal from past wounds and enhance our connection to others.

Myth 3: Counselors just listen and ask how I feel about things.

Truth: Counselors are trained in active listening; so yes, they are going to listen more than your friends or family members in order to fully understand your perspective. They are also trained in evidenced-based interventions to help you meet your goals. Counselors will ask you about your feelings…and your thoughts, and your behaviors, and your motivations, and various other aspects of what makes you who you are.

Myth 4: Everyone will know I am seeing a counselor.

Truth: Trust and openness are essential for counseling. Counselors are bound by professional ethics and state law to protect your confidentiality and privacy. Our counselors will not break your confidentiality unless legally mandated by law. The legal limitations to confidentiality that mandate a counselor break client confidentiality for reasons including, but not limited to: suspected abuse or neglect of a minor or dependent adult, risk of imminent harm to yourself or others, reported sexual misconduct of a physician or therapist, or if records are subpoenaed by a court of law.

Myth 5: Counseling takes years to be effective.

Truth: People experience progress at different rates.  Counseling is not an exact science due to the complexity and uniqueness of each individual person. The number of sessions needed to see progress is highly dependent on the issue being addressed, your personal goals, and your motivation for change. You choose the amount of time you wish to spend in counseling.

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